Healthy Food A-Z

Here is a collection of healthy foods, benefits they provide and tips when you should specifically be eating them. This list is a work in progress. When possible I've included the source of my information. Remember I am not a doctor, and only you and your doctor can judge what's right for you.

     Is rich in L-citrulline, which affects the body's nitric oxide system. Nitric oxide can increase blood flow, oxygen and glucose transport, and lactic acid removal. Therefore, eat watermelon after a tough workout and you will be able to train harder and recover faster. SOURCE-M&F Hers Jan/Feb 2014 pg 30.

Black Tea
     Will sooth skin after shaving. Press a cool tea bag on red skin that's just been shaved, may provide relief from razor burns. Will also enhance tanned skin. You can rub your skin with a black tea soaked sponge, or submerge yourself in a tub full of black tea.  SOURCE M&F Hers Jan/Feb 2014 pg 34
        May decrease post exercise muscle soreness. SOURCE Fitness Feb 2014 pg 28.
Green Tea

         Based on a Brazilian study, creatine supplements, 20grams per day for 7 days, may reduce inflammation. SOURCE: Fitness Feb 2014 pg 30.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
          May be valuable for preventing muscle wasting in older adults and those suffering from inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and cardiovascular disease. Can be found in fish oil supplements. SOURCE: Fitness Feb 2014 pg 30

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