Friday, May 11, 2012

Birthday cake alternative

Today is my mom in law's birthday! (Which means mine is only a week away!) What do you diabetics out there do for your birthday? Do you load up on Insulin so you can eat a piece of cake?

I have had diabetes since I was four years old, so my mom got creative early on regarding what to do when it comes to birthdays and all the sugary food that comes with them.

My mom created, copyright pending :) the watermelon birthday cake.

Okay, NOT this--although this does look pretty awesome.

My mom literally cut open a watermelon and stuck birthday candles in it.
Writing this blog post makes me realize (although I already knew) just how awesome my mom is. I had to scroll through pages of google pictures to find my mom's version of the watermelon birthday cake.

I've always been pretty lucky when it comes to food and my diabetes. Well what I mean is that I'm not a sweet nut. I don't even like cake. I didn't used to like ice cream till just recently (when I discovered Cold Stone) and I'm not into candy. I do however LOVE cookies and my stress food is powered donuts (thanks Jordan). But generally I would say I don't have a sweet tooth (salt tooth is another story).

Please share if you have any healthy birthday desserts--diabetic or not, we could all celebrate our special days a little more healthier. Happy Birthday Mom in Law!!! 

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