Saturday, June 16, 2012

You Can Do This Project

I just learned from a fellow diabetic blogger about the You Can Do This Project, which just celebrated its first birthday yesterday. You can read her link about it below...

"Bitter~Sweet: Happy Birthday YCDT: Did you know that the You Can Do This project was launched a year ago today ? You Can Do This is a project dreamed up by Kim of Texting..."

Diabetics are supposed to create a Youtube video meant for other diabetics (and their supporters) explaining their diabetic story. Although this sounds wonderful, I don't feel I am quite ready to venture into the online video world. For now I will continue to try to tell and share my story via this blog. (Which I also need to get better about).

I wanted to share a random new exciting thing with you....I got a new gym bag. Check it out!

For my $15 donation to the ADA I got this lovely bag.
Now I can advertise my advocacy against diabetes at the gym!

What goes in your gym bag? Here is a list of my must haves (notice, that's a big bag!)
--Diabetic blood testing machine
--Hand sanitizer
--Multiple snacks
--Car/House keys
--Cell phone
--Wallet containing ID and money.
--Small towel
--WATER!!! Lots of water.

Close up of image on the bag. 

Keep Moving!

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