Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's never too late, until it is.

I hate those blogs that apologize for not posting in a long time, but seriously, sorry I haven't posted in a LONG time.

I've been so busy with work and life that I haven't felt much drive or energy to post to the blog.
I think its important though because I can see that people are reading it, and its important for me to stay committed to good diabetic health.

Recently I decided I HAD to get healthy. I had to exercise and lose weight. This sudden desire was triggered by the conclusion of the Biggest Loser Game I played with my friends. One of my friends, who by no means was large when we began the game, lost 24 pounds in three and a half months. WOW. I was so amazed and inspired. How did she do it? Good old fashion exercise and eating right.

If she could do it, I knew I could do it, but unlike her I knew I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. So I bought a few personal training sessions with a trainer at my gym, 24 Hour Fitness.

The first week went great. In addition to exercising with a trainer I was using My Fitness Pal (will have to blog about that in another post, its amazing) and my blood sugars were coming back fantastic.

So why are my hands numb? I have experienced numbness in my hands off and on now for the past couple years. But almost the same time I began exercising my last two fingers in my hand went numb, 24 hours a day.
I said why? Why are my fingers numb?! I just began exercising and taking care of myself! Well after 25+ years of bad blood sugar numbers, it doesn't matter if you suddenly decide to exercise and take care of yourself, the damage is done. High blood sugars cause nerve damage and after years of high blood sugars diabetic neuropathy is likely to be present. Yes there is medication for this, there is medication for everything, but this is a road you don't want to go down. Damage is permanent.

This is my plea to you. If you have diabetes, whether you're newly diagnosed, or have had it for the past 20 years, take care of yourself. Take care of yourself TODAY. Don't wait until its too late to decide to be healthy.

I'll update you on my exercise and numbness.

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